We are no longer accepting new applications for this position--but those interested may review the original announcement here.


5/4/2018 - While Pastor John has retired at the end of April, a new pastor would not begin until September. We are looking for an Interim Ministry Administrator to assist in past time work. Please click here for details of the paid, part time job description.


2/8/2018 - The interview process continues and we continue to request prayer for the committee and the whole church as we embrace this process.


1/14/2018 - The Committee gave an update at the congregational meeting and answered questions about our progress and the process of recommending a candidate to the congregation. Click here for a link to that meeting.


12/08/17 - After reviewing many applications, the Search Committee has begun to interview some of the most promising applicants. Please continue to pray for wisdom for this committee; for unity in their interactions and for God’s clear guidance in the process.


09/13/17 - Search committee will begin reviewing resumes already received.


08/17/17 - Job Description and Online Application form posted for interested persons to begin applying.


07/30/17 - Karen Hamilton announced during the worship service today that an official job description has been put together by the search team and approved by the Session. The team is ready to post it and will be accepting and reviewing resumes and applications over the next few months. Please continue to pray for the team, that God would lead them to the person that has has already chosen for this position at New Life Philly.

Any questions can be emailed to the team at newlifephillysearch@gmail.com


05/15/17 - Items completed thus far:

~Established tasks and roles that will be worked on in the next year to discover our new Pastor.

~Beginning to craft a characteristic sketch and develop a job description for this man of God.

Want to communicate with us? To give us input and feedback through this process, email us at newlifephillysearch@gmail.com


04/14/17 - The Pastoral Search Committee has been selected. Thank you for your service: Tom de Rivera (Moderator), Pam Bryan, Grace Del Vecchio, Karen Hamilton, Bob Haymes, Jesse Heath, Brian Mast, Jose Negron and Sarah Trott!

Please pray for each member of the Pastoral Search Committee; asking God to give them the wisdom they need in seeking our next Pastor. Ask God to protect them in this task. Pray for humility, the ability to listen well and stamina to serve throughout the whole search process.


Search Committee Timeline

Jan 2017 - Pastor John announces he will retire at the end of April 2018. Session reviews roles and responsibilities for search commitee, Call for nominations for search and transition teams at Congregational Meeting

Feb 2017 - Session begins to invite nominated individuals to join search and transition teams

March 2017 - Search Committee formed

June 2017 - Submission to Session: search plan, job description, characteristics, salary range and benefits; develop interview question and contact plan

July 2017 - Implement search plan, advertise, review candidates

September 2017 - Status report to Session and Congregation

November 2017 - Status report to Session and Congregation

January 2018 - Status report to Session and Congregation

March 2018 - Status report to Session and Congregation

April 2018 - Pastor John steps down at the end of the month, and starts his last sabbatical. Recruit interim pastor as backup if needed.

May 2018 - Status report to Session and Congregation

July 2018 - Status report to Session and Congregation

September 2018 - Pastor John goes off the church payroll in the middle of the month; Pulpit supply plan, Interim finalized if needed.

September 2018 - (if needed) Status report to Session and Congregation

November 2018 - (if needed) Status report to Session and Congregation

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