Upgrades to Sanctuary Seating

The time has arrived to start the hard work! All hands on deck and it will take no time at all for the seating upgrade we've all been waiting for!

Click here to volunteer on July 14th! We need both the strong and the savvy! Even if you can't do stairs or carry heavy things we would still love your help and participation!  Let's make it fun - prizes involved, plus lunch for all!


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! With your help and sacrificial giving we have raised enough funding to receive a matching donation, and reached our goal to start ordering chairs! Keep your eyes and ears open for ways to serve on "knock down day" - we will need all hands on deck!! 
If you already know you want to serve in any way, click here to let us know


Check out the sample chairs in fellowship hall! They might look the same but each has a different density of foam and quality of fabric. Have a seat and let us know which one you like!


The time has officially come to start replacing pew seating with a newer and more desirable option.  

We have run out of replacement parts for repairs and feel that we have generally come to our limits with regards to comfort and, more importantly, safety!

Please click the donate button below to access our GOFUNDME page to make a donation.

We have a goal to raise $50,000.00 between June and December 2017!

If you also feel led to volunteer for the cause, please see the opportunities listed below and contact Tim Wanaseljia


Volunteers for Sunday Morning Communications

What is required: being available once a month on Sunday mornings to engaging the congregation members during Fellowship Time and after the Worship Service on Sunday Mornings, gathering feedback from the congregation, overseeing the sample chair/pew stand in the Fellowship Hall, handing out and receiving pledge cards.

Volunteer for Event Coordinator 

What is required: organizing a group of volunteers to oversee one – three fundraising events.

Volunteers for Event Planning 

What is required: helping organize one – three fundraising events over the course of our six month pledge drive tenatively schedule for July, September and November. Meet with the Event Coordinator and team to establish an event date and time, contribute time to organizing and running the event/s. Potential events: sales of donated baked goods, sales of donated arts and craft items, dining out at a restaurant with a portion of the costs being donated, game night social, community walk/run event, and concert and reception.

Volunteers for following up on pledges 

What is required: tracking and reaching out to everyone who submits a pledge card to confirm contact information and provide volunteer information related to the fund raising campaign.