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Why take this course?


What to expect

This is an 8-week class that begins on Sunday, October 6th.

Sundays at 9:30 am -- We will start a new chapter for the week by watching a video and going through the discussion questions in the workbook.

At Community Groups -- We will continue working on the chapter by doing the 2nd half, which is the Bible study and application section.


1.  What if I'm not part of a Community Group?  We'd love to have you!  Click here for a list of groups.

2. What books are needed?  Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, the workbook, and EHS Day by Day.  Bundles are available for $20 on Sundays before and after service.  You can pay in advance online.

3.  Are we recording Sunday mornings for those who are working in Children's Ministry?  Because there is a lot of discussion from the participants, we will not be able to record the class.  However, you have what you need in the workbook and can ask any questions during your Community Group session.

New Life Church

425 E. Roosevelt Blvd.

(Corner of D St & the Blvd)

Philadelphia., PA 19120