Application for Diaconal Assistance

The New Life Deacons offer mercy on behalf of Jesus because Jesus has shown mercy to us. Our goal is to help you resolve the urgent issues that you're facing and to walk with you as you seek to resolve them. 

We provide: 

  • budget advice, 
  • resource advice, 
  • food assistance, 
  • transit tokens, 
  • limited direct financial assistance for necessities of living (e. g., food, rent/mortgage, utilities, essential repairs, medical expenses)

We minister in the context of existing relationships; if you're already connected to people here at New Life, we'll try to involve them in your situation as appropriate. Our assistance is limited in amount and duration. 

We do not: 

  • provide or pay loans, 
  • pay for cable, satellite, or cellular service, 
  • pay toward the cost of education
  • automobile purchase
  • provide employment or employment counseling

Before providing Diaconal assistance, we expect you to have eliminated non-necessities from your finances.

Click here for a printable application for diaconal assistance.

Click here for an electronic application form.

New Life Church

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A Congregation of the PCA

(Presbyterian Church in America)