what every white christian should know about people of color and themselves

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What is it like to live in someone else's shoes? In some ways we can never fully know the answer to that question but in other ways this is a central question for the Christian life. The Christian virtues of love and compassion demand that believers do their best to understand the situations of others and particularly those who are oppressed. Psalm 103:6 says, "The LORD works righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed." This evening is about trying to gain a greater understanding of the multitude of ways in which people of color are oppressed in the United States, and ways that White Christians practically can join the LORD in working for "righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed."

Our guest panelists include:

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Brady goodwin, jr

Brady Goodwin Jr aka "Phanatik" is a two-time Grammy nominated artist known for his work as a member of the pioneering Christian rap group The Cross Movement.  Brady is also the author of two fiction and three non-fiction books self-published between 2009 and 2016.  As a designer of curriculum on Hop-hop & Inner-city Ethics, Brady teaches at Cairn University, the Community College of Philadelphia and Simon Gratz High School.  He also teaches several courses in theology at Lancaster Bible College in Philadelphia.  Brady holds a Master of Arts in Religion degree from Westminster Theological Seminary.

Timothy Welbeck

Timothy Welbeck is a Civil Rights Attorney, professor of African American Studies, author, and hip-hop artist. He teaches an array of courses at Temple University and Thomas Jefferson University that examine interconnected themes in the African American experience, law, and politics. Timothy's work has appeared in various media outlets, such as the BBC Radio 4, The Philadelphia Inquirer, NPR, The Huffington Post, REVOLT TV, et al. 

Natalie Martinez

Natalie holds a B.A. and a M.S. in Administration of Human Services, and a Master of Divinity.  A native of Colombia, she is keenly aware that she was taken from a poverty-stricken community to be a voice for the marginalized. Natalie is hopeful that the church will take its place as the prophetic voice in the city and respond to crisis, pain and injustice in an incarnational way that is true to the gospel.  She has worked in the urban youth context for the past 20 years and is adamant that young people desire to belong to something greater than themselves and stand for the issues of their time.  Natalie is the founder and Administrator of Arise Care.and serves as Board Secretary for Timoteo Football, and Board President for the Barrio Youth Initiative.  Additionally, Natalie volunteers for the homeless outreach ministry at Oxford Circle Mennonite Church and serves on the committee that advocates for the immigrant population. 

Rashida Welbeck

Education Policy Researcher, MDRC

Trustee, The Montessori School

Children’s Ministry Director, Restoration Church

M.S., Urban Policy and Management, The New School

B.S., International Politics, Georgetown University

Rashida Welbeck has been working in education policy research for nearly 12 years at MDRC, a nonprofit, nonpartisan social and education policy research firm, where she provides technical assistance to community colleges with designing, implementing, and evaluating equity focused completion strategies.

Over the last two years Rashida has served on the board of trustees at The Montessori School in Dresher, PA.

Rashida counts it a privilege to lead the children’s ministry at Restoration Church. She is also grateful to be the mother of three children, to whom she and her husband Tim strive to make known Jesus daily.

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