JCF (Jesus Children Fellowship) started out as a separate ministry that used the church building. It is now a ministry of the church. JCF is an outreach ministry to the youth in the neighborhood. It meets on Thursday nights from 6:30 – 8:45 pm. Although the focus of the ministry is to youth in Middle and High School often times younger kids come too.

Typically 20 – 25 youth come out each night. The evening starts out with free time where the youth can hang out in a safe environment. For most of the boys this means playing basketball. We also have a lesson about God followed by discussion groups. We feed the youth a mini-meal before driving them home. As youth become more and more interested in God we will be encouraging them to attend youth group too. Two of the girls helped out with the church’s Nature camp this year and are planning on attending youth group.

Many of the leaders were once youth in the program. Some have been involved with JCF for over 20 years. Now that they are adults they want to reach out to the next generation just like others once reached out to them. These leaders talk about how important this ministry was for them growing up. Some say the food they ate at JCF was often times the only dinner they had that week.

During the summer we were able to take the youth swimming and to play basketball in a full court. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to take them out of the city for a short time.

If you would like to donate to JCF, click here to donate thru the church.  (Make sure to designate the donation to "JCF"). 

For more information you can contact Seth Cross or Sue Carter.

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