New Life Unbound Prayer Ministry

At New Life Church, Philadelphia, we know that Jesus changes lives. And hearts. Out of His delight in us, He calls us to walk in the freedom that He has already secured. He invites us to leap into belonging in His kingdom by taking hold of our true identity and our destiny.

  • Do you find yourself struggling with the same sin over and over? 
  • Do you feel hopeless that you will never find freedom from patterns of sin/addictions in your life? 
  • Do you feel powerless to tap into the potent power of the gospel? 
  • Do you long to help others who have no hope? 

The New Life Unbound Ministry Team can help.

What is New Life unbound Prayer Ministry?

Through the use of the Five Keys™ in prayer, we help you open the door to God’s work in your heart. 

We offer targeted prayer ministry following the UNBOUND model of Heart of the Father Ministries. 

More information about Unbound Prayer can be found in the book UNBOUND:  A Practical Guide to Deliverance

Unbound prayers changes hearts and by changing hearts it changes lives: 

"Thank you again for yesterday. God bless your ministry. My heart is grateful to God and to your team for my new found freedom. Thanks to you both for being vessels for our loving, merciful Father, by the power of His Spirit to break down spiritual walls in my heart. Thank you for "digging deep" during ministry, for I needed to see those places exposed to be truly set free!" Diane (name changed to maintain privacy.)

New Life Church

425 E. Roosevelt Blvd.

(Corner of D St & the Blvd)

Philadelphia., PA 19120